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client: sandler by scale up advisors

The story of a global brand making its way in the Las Vegas market. 

Rob had a Plan

Rob Jeremiassen and David Uze realized the importance of promoting their business, Sandler by ScaleUp Solutions, in the Las Vegas Valley. They understood the impact that video can have in educating and engaging potential customers. While Sandler has gained recognition and awards for their training programs worldwide, it may have a stronger presence and following on the East Coast compared to the West Coast.

Sandler by Scale UP Solutions reached out to the Boom Intelligence Group to create a video marketing strategy. Together they came up with a plan that involved producing two-to-three-minute educational videos and shorter thirty-to-sixty-second vertical videos.

By utilizing these videos, Sandler by ScaleUp Solutions aimed to spread awareness about their services, establish credibility, and help businesses increase their sales through effective training in sales, business development, leadership, sales management, customer success and support, and professional development

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If you are having trouble with your sales or growing and managing your sales team, reach out to the team at Sandler by Scale UP Advisors. 

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Stand Out from the Competition | Sales Methodology 

Sandler Sales Solution - Video 1

Full Video 1 (3 min)

In the first video, we wanted to ensure that Rob Jeremiassen appeared as professional as possible. This involved various factors such as his attire, grooming, and overall presentation to create a polished and credible impression.

By presenting Rob in his most professional manner, it signals to the audience that Sandler by ScaleUp Solutions takes its work seriously and is committed to providing high-quality training and solutions to its customers.

Vertical Video 1 (1 min) 

As part of our video marketing strategy, we decided to edit a portion of the full video in a vertical format. This approach was chosen to cater to the preferences and consumption habits of users on social media platforms that primarily support vertical video formats, such as Instagram Reels, TikTok, and Facebook.

Value of Prospecting | Shorten Sales Cycle

Sandler Sales Solution - Video 2

Full Video 2 (3 min)

In the subsequent video, the decision was made for Rob to remove his coat while still maintaining a professional feel.

By striking a balance between professionalism and approachability, the video aimed to foster a sense of trust and rapport with the viewers, making the content more relatable and engaging. This approach may help potential customers perceive Sandler by ScaleUp Solutions as both professional and accessible, increasing the likelihood of building positive connections and attracting their interest.

Vertical Video 2 (1 min) 

The mobile-friendly nature of vertical videos allows for easier consumption, as viewers don't have to adjust their screen orientation or deal with letterboxing. This can lead to higher engagement rates and better overall viewer experience.

Sales Playbook | Client Meeting Plan

Sandler Sales Solution - Video 3

Full Video 3 (3 min)

In the final video, we had Rob change his shirt to showcase his style. By selecting a shirt that matched the theme or content of a sales playbook, the video aimed to create a cohesive visual representation that resonated with the viewers.

By integrating style into the video, it adds a personal touch to the content and can help create a more memorable and relatable experience for the viewers.

Vertical Video 3 (1 min) 

We continued the vertical video edit to demonstrate an awareness of the importance of adapting content to different platforms and formats to maximize its reach and impact.

It's Your Turn

We're ready to sit in the director's chair to help you tell your story better through video. 

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