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Troy Ritchie reveals an exclusive offer only

for those who have been invited.  

Take advantage of this incredible offer!

Normal Price: $1500

End of Year Special: YOU DECIDE 

Yes, I want to schedule a filming session!
  • Step #1: Schedule your time and ...

    ...we will reach out to schedule a Discovery Call and help answer any questions you may have about the experience. There are no hidden fees or "gotcha" terms with this offer. 

    The Pay Your Price offer only applies to those who have been invited and will be scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    There are only a limited number of available spots before the Pay Your Price offer expires.

    Schedule Now

    Step #2: 20 min could earn you...

    ...20% or more on the growth of your business. For some, the growth of your business could be in the number of new customers, for others, it may be an increase in overall revenue. 

    In this Discovery Call, we'll need to learn more about your solution. If the both of us agree and believe your solution solves a specific problem, we can schedule the shoot. 

    If not, or if either of us have to think about it, it's not a good fit and the offer will be rescinded. 

    Step #3: The big day is here and...

    ...before we start filming, we will spend 30-45 minutes talking about how you got started in creating a solution for your clients.  

    It's important that I fully understand who you are, what you do, and why you do it. These components are essential to your video DNA. 

    As we talk through the origin of your business, I'll be writing the outline of your script. Once we are done with the outline, you'll take a quick break as we set up for the shoot.

    Step #4:  Lights. Camera. Action.

    The Pay Your Price offer does not include professional lighting, so please look for an area that has a lot of natural light. 

    Similar to how we conducted the interview, we will do the same for the shoot. I'll ask questions about the problem you solve and film your response. 

    Don't worry about reading a script. Your video will transfer how you feel about your business, not what you've said about your business. 

    Step #5: 48-hours or less...

    ...guaranteed! Yes, you read right, the Pay Your Price offer guarantees you'll receive your videos within 48-hours or two business days.  

    The first version of videos will be fully edited and ready for publishing. Most of the time you'll be perfectly happy with the first version.

    If you'd like to make minor revisions to the background music or intro/outro versions of your video, now is the time we get it done. If you don't like it, you don't pay.

    Step #6: Pay your price... whatever amount you think the video is worth. If you have questions about what that would be, think about what you are charging for your solution. 

    Then, consider how much your business will increase using the video to help share your story. 

    Once you have the amount, send it digitally through Zelle, Venmo, or CashApp. After I've received your payment, I'll send the four video files via Dropbox. 

    What's The Catch?

    No catch at all.
    I enjoy filming with my iPhone and if this video helps you grow your business, you may need a more professional, cinematic, multi-camera, video or commercial, down the road - which does require a more sizable investment. You'll also share the incredible experience with others, who will give us a call, and the Boom Intelligence Group will grow through word-of-mouth advertising.  

    •  No risk.

    •  No risk

    •  No risk 

    •  No risk 

    Schedule Now

    Here's Everything You Get

    • Discovery Call

    • Spark Session 

    • Video Shoot

    • Professional Edit

    • 2-3 Minute Explainer Video

    • 30 Second Commercial Video

    • 10-20 Second Intro video 

    • 8-15 Second Outro Video 

    One-Time Price: YOU DECIDE