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About Us.

What We Do

The Boom Intelligence Group (BIG) is a creative audience engagement agency that tells the story of your business through cinematic video. 

"Why does it matter?" Is a question you will hear from us as you share more about your product or service. "Who cares?" Is another question you may hear from us. This isn't meant to poke holes in your business model, it's meant to get to the foundation of the story we'll be crafting for you. 

The "audience engagement" description of our company reveals the foundation of how we craft your story. We know the why behind your business is important - it's just not as important as the why of your customers. Once we know the why of your customers, we can get started on producing your award winning project. 

Why We Do It

"I first noticed it with faith-based films," Founder and Chief Storyteller, Troy Ritchie admitted, "they focus on the message more than the story." 

Focusing on the message more than the story isn't limited to faith-based films; it's unfortunately something many businesses do as well.  

We believe focusing on the message can get in the way of telling your incredible story. The irony, when focusing entirely on your message, is that it takes away from your overall results. 

Our greatest joy is seeing the passion you feel for your business transferred through the power of story and the magic of moving pictures. 

Troy Jonathan Ritchie

Founder, Chief Storyteller

Troy has been writing stories for companies of all sizes for the past fifteen years. He originally started as a singer-songwriter with songs that played out like a movie. 

His first book was a self-help book titled, You Got It; Now Go Get It. His second book was a sales e-book titled, Don't Be a Son of a Pitch, published through

You can find out more about Troy on his website,

Your Story. Only Better. With Boom. 

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