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Yep, we said it. 

The Sales Pitch is Dead.

Don't be a son of a pitch.

BOOM! Sales Enablement for Start Ups who

Sell to Schools

If you have a solution for education and are in need of establishing a sales process, or looking for sales talent, and have been referred by one of our clients or partners, let's talk.  

Let us do 

All The Heavy Lifting!

Cold Calling

Cold Calling is dead so we make the initial call warm. We take what you perceive as valuable and make the calls to see what your audience thinks.

Sales Documentation

When making sales cold calls there are a lot of "no's." With early stage companies, finding out why they are saying no is important. We gather the post-no info and convert it into documentation you can use as you grow your sales team.  

CRM Implementation

Having a CRM is crucial for tracking sales activity. We implement both and HubSpot CRMs. (We can implement others, those are just the best). We will implement a tracking method so you can forecast more clearly for future sales. 


Did you know sales professionals make their best sale to you, the founder? Since we are a sales team, we know what questions to ask candidates looking to get into sales and call out the "fluff" from a seasoned and what feels like a professional interviewer. 

Who We've Helped

What if your "secret sauce," is really

Thousand Island Dressing?

Most founders are proud of what they've created. They passionately believe their solution is the next best thing to sliced bread. What they may think is secret sauce could really be Thousand Island dressing. 

The only way to truly know what your audience thinks about your offering is to ask them. And when you ask them it needs to be in the form of selling your solution. 

That's what we do. We make the calls and get the perspective of your perfect customer so you can continue making your secret sauce. 

Your Story. Only Better. With Boom. 

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